Monday, May 21, 2018

The tapes have ARRIVED!!

The tapes are in!! 

Let me start off by saying, these things are amazing! Every single Scrub Hop aficionado who preordered this piece of history (All orders before Friday, May 25th) will have their shot at winning some fantastic Scrub Hop prizes.
Remember, these tapes are a limited run of just 50, each comes with a download card to get the full EP on mp3. Now the real flavor is that 5 of the 50 tapes contain a winning code on the back of the card. 4 of the 5 winning tapes will win a piece of JDirty history, not previously available for sale. However, 1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will win a JDirty prize pack!! 

What is a JDirty prize pack you ask? Who the fuck knows!! It’s gonna be fresh though and that you can bet. 

So if you want your chance at winning, order yours by this Friday, May 25th. 

(The five winners will be random but will be sent out in the PreOrder stack.)

If you win one of the 5, post about it on your Twitter/FB/IG and tag #FB2BE!

Stay Dirty my friends. 

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