Friday, October 17, 2014

JDirty and Trox LIVE October 27th

We will be rocking the stage on October 27th in Greely Colorado on the college campus. We are playing with G-MO Skee of Team Backpack fame. This will be our (unofficial) Halloween show.

Friday, October 3, 2014

JDirty and Big Trox not at GABF 2014?

That's right,
Our annual Scrub Hop pilgrimage to be volunteers at the Great American Beer Festival has come to an end. Turns out our video for "GABF" more than pissed them off and got us banned for life from working the event. We figured this was a great week to post the email we got from the "higher ups" a couple months ago. So without further ado.....

Hello, Gentlemen.
Last year before the 2013 volunteer registration was complete, a publicly available YouTube video caught the attention of the Brewers Association and some members of the GABF leadership. The GABF, BA, and the collective volunteer program leaders were not pleased with the representation of the festival as portrayed in the JDirty and BIG Trox - GABF "Great American Beer Fest Rap".
Though the rap is creative and likely intended to be fun, the video repeatedly portrays disrespectful themes and inappropriate conduct. There are clearly defined rules of conduct and legal regulations for all volunteers, which you agree to, and are expected to operate within while on duty and acting as representatives of the event. This is an embarrassment to our team (Brewtopia) as we the captains are also responsible for the conduct of our volunteer team members.
So that you have a clear understanding of the concerns, below are some excerpts from the video found by BA members on YouTube which is still online and publicly viewable at
100 shots an hour...
we always over-pour...
These are repeated in the chorus of the song multiple times.
crew leader walked up to us, said its time to take a break
they gave us 15 minutes but we're drunk so we'll be 15 minutes late.
15 minutes dude man, better make it 35
this is about the time that j & dirty get high
grab a pre-roll and head to a porta potty.
clam bake that thing like it’s our second favorite party...
Then there's this:
(this was a screen shot of JDirty pretending to pee down the stairs that for some reason wouldn't load)

Though the video screenshot above may (or may not) be staged, the imagery is not what the GABF wishes to be known for or associated with, and is just plain disrespectful.
We intended to address this with you in person with leadership present at last year's event, but you both cancelled for personal reasons. To answer your multiple inquiries this year, we are addressing this in writing via email. Please know that this is not personal as we enjoyed having everyone on our team. We hope that you understand that our public conduct and public representation of the GABF is a large and very serious part of our responsibility as volunteers for the event. It is a privilege to participate as a volunteer, not an entitlement simply due to a previous year's participation.
We are sorry to have to inform you that you (Justin Malloy and Matt Troxell) are no longer eligible to participate in the GABF volunteer program. You are still welcome to attend the event as patrons.
Thank you.
Team Brewtopia Captains

So we hope you enjoyed the video since it got us axed form the flavor. Stay Dirty

Friday, August 29, 2014

JDirty ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here is JDirtys Ice Bucket Challenge

He called out the Canonize FR.E.S.H. Crew AMB Big Trox, Mindshot and F.L.O.W.S.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

JDirty LIVE with Axe Murder Boyz

You can catch JDirty and Big Trox on the Colorado dates of the "Family Remains Eternal" tours with AMB

May 26th at Herman's Hideaway in Denver go to ScrubHopShop for tickets $10 Advance $12 day of show

June 24th Mighty Culture in Colorado Springs

Sunday, January 5, 2014