Thursday, January 24, 2019

Shaggy 2 Dope and JDirty

The Scrub Hop Twist on a dope ass flyer

This legendary show goes down in less than 2 weeks. JDirty and Big Trox have been juggalos for well over 20 years and have never shared the stage with the clowns. This night is going to be crazy fucking fresh. We got BRAND NEW Shirts in multiple designs and colors. We at Scrub Hop couldn't be excited about this one. Grab your tickets for only $20 (No Service Fees) from

Thursday, December 13, 2018

JDirty Shows in 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is already shaping up to be
an insanely fresh time for Scrub Hop. 

JDirty is a 20 year Juggalo so the first couple shows are two decades in the making. 
On Friday January 18th one half of the Insane Clown Posse, Violent J and Master of The Wicked Shit, Esham are coming thru the Marquis Theatre in Denver on their "E and J" tour.  They have asked JDirty to help open up the show. Even Big Trox will be in the house for this one.  

A couple of weeks later on February 4th, the other half of ICP, Shaggy 2 Dope is hitting the same venue. Once again JDirty was invited to open up the show. For this show Troxy Cotton will be there with JDirty. 

The two nights are so close and will have a lot of the same crowd, so we are announcing 


So don't miss out on the Scrub Hop King on these two huge nights. 

As a special offer if you buy a ticket for each night from ScrubHopShop you will receive a FREE JDirty CD just pay S&H

End of March our Canonize brothers Axe Murder Boyz are going out on the "Axe is Family" Tour with AXE, Scum and Insane Poetry and when the tour hits the Roxy in Denver and JDirty will be on the bill also. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

JDirty LIVE this Friday in Denver

JDirty was just added onto the Annual Black Xmas show at the Roxy Theatre in Denver. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Season of the Scrubkin is not over yet

First and foremost thank you to everyone that attended the Scrub Hoptoberfest 2018 on October 27, 2018. JDirty and Big Trox destroyed the stage of the Marquis Theatre once again. The fans came out and they rocked the fuck out of those floor boards. We want to thank the Marquis Theatre and Live Nation for having us out again. 

They brought out a new line of Merch for the event too. Shirts, Decals, The new Scrub Hoptoberfest Collection CD, Temporary tattoos. Everything remaining is available over on

The other amazing piece of Scrub Hoptoberfest 2018 Merchandise was the debut release from "Scrub Suds Brewing", Season of the Scrubkin Pumpkin Ale. A very limited batch was released at the show and we are proud to say also SOLD OUT on its birthday. The early reports have been phenomenal, everyone that got their hands on a bottle has sent back glowing reviews. Next year Scrub Suds and JDirty will make another release and make it way bigger.

Up next is your Halloween Treat. The video we shot back in August has been saved for you as our main gift of Scrub Hoptoberfest 2018. JDirty and Young Wicked got together to bring you the video for "We Do This Everyday" off of  JDirty's 2018 ep "From Broke 2 Broke Even" Enjoy, Share, Comment and Subscribe..

Last but certainly not least is this years Scrub Hop Halloween track "Underground Sound" Featuring Sasquatch Josh, Big Trox, Troxy Cotton and Mindshot. 

Happy Halloween and Happy Scrub Hoptoberfest 2018!

Peace and Love Peace and Love

-Scrub Hop

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Season of the Scrubkin!

Trick or Treat Scrub Hoppers! It's that glorious time of year again 
for pumpkin beer, Halloween, Rocktober, and Scrub Hop music!!

JDirty and Big Trox Will once again come together on stage at the legendary Marquis Theater in Denver Colorado for the Scrub Hoptoberfest. 

Not only will they be rocking their favorite stage in Denver, but the boys are delivering an all new Halloween compilation featuring every seasonal classic from The Pumpkin King and the Cookie Monster, directly to the merch booth and including a BRAND NEW TRACK FOR 2018! 

Along with the audio release, JDirty and Scrub Suds Brewing are releasing a very limited Pumpkin Ale just in time for your frozen goblets. For more details email us at

In other news...
  We are excited to announce the long awaited return of Misidentified! Dirty teamed up once again with Dash and Shock to bring you all a brand new EP titled “Say Something”. The record consists of five new bangers on the digital release and three bonus tracks only available on the cd. Order now on

Listen to the first single here 

Stay Dirty my friends and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

The tapes have ARRIVED!!

The tapes are in!! 

Let me start off by saying, these things are amazing! Every single Scrub Hop aficionado who preordered this piece of history (All orders before Friday, May 25th) will have their shot at winning some fantastic Scrub Hop prizes.
Remember, these tapes are a limited run of just 50, each comes with a download card to get the full EP on mp3. Now the real flavor is that 5 of the 50 tapes contain a winning code on the back of the card. 4 of the 5 winning tapes will win a piece of JDirty history, not previously available for sale. However, 1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will win a JDirty prize pack!! 

What is a JDirty prize pack you ask? Who the fuck knows!! It’s gonna be fresh though and that you can bet. 

So if you want your chance at winning, order yours by this Friday, May 25th. 

(The five winners will be random but will be sent out in the PreOrder stack.)

If you win one of the 5, post about it on your Twitter/FB/IG and tag #FB2BE!

Stay Dirty my friends. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"From Broke 2 Broke Even"
is officially available now!

The release party for the new EP "From Broke 2 Broke Even" went down at the Marquis Theater in Denver on April 7th and the show was a huge success! We want to thank everyone that picked up the new record and came out to party with us. We had Troxy Cotton, The Club Entertainment, and Wizely and we want to thank them all for their hard work and involvement on the show. Also, big thanks go out to Myxed Up Creations in Aurora for the hook-up on the show clothes. Make sure you hit them up for the best smoke shop in Colorado! 

Don't worry if you missed getting the new CD that night because you can still get a physical copy,  available NOW at ScrubHopShop

You can also get it on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Music, Amazon Music and more. 
Pretty much however you get music online, you can get this new EP from JDirty. 

Big Trox and Troxy Cotton release "Brothers"

Lifelong hetero-lifemate, hypeman, and best friend Big Trox and his real life brother Troxy Cotton have linked up in their new Seattle home to bring to you a collection of music from their new moniker "Brothers". This record, titled "Try It Out" features (repurposed) beats from hip-hop pioneers and legends such as Cage, A Tribe Called Quest, and Doomtree's own Shredders.

"FB2BE" Cassette Tapes... Coming SOON!!

We apologize for the delays on these, but they are coming very VERY soon to those of you that pre-ordered. Turns out that dealing with a vendor that makes a product that was popular in 1990 can make things pretty damn difficult! But thank you to all of our patient fans that are down to ride with the Scrub Hop!

Until next time... Stay dirty my friends